ProQ: Quantification Software for HIV Tests

What Is ProQ?

ProQ is a software tool that quantifies HIV test requirements based on realistic forecast demand, assessment of existing supply chain capacity, and availability of resources for procurement. This software can help program managers—

  • forecast quantity of HIV tests needed to meet demand
  • compare demand with service capacity
  • adjust quantity needed to balance the supply pipeline
  • assess storage capacity relative to shipment volumes
  • estimate cost of HIV tests required
  • compare cost with available funding
  • adjust quantities to procure to match budget allocation.

Why Use ProQ?

ProQ offers four methodologies for quantifying HIV tests for national programs, and the software lets you compare different forecasts. Methodologies can be adapted to specific country settings, and can be used in both data-poor and data-rich situations. You can use ProQ to forecast for national, local, or NGO programs. Guidance is provided for quantification in countries where a variety of HIV test kit brands exist and are used for various purposes.

The quantification methodologies include—

  • logistics projections
  • morbidity/population projections
  • service statistic projections<
  • target projections.

The Advantages of ProQ

Accurate quantification of commodity requirements is crucial to the success of any health program. Without a systematic and realistic quantification of commodity needs, clients are not served, commodities are wasted, and funding agencies are unable to justify allocation of resources. For large-scale programs, HIV test quantification is time-consuming and difficult. Therefore, program managers need a practical, easy-to-use way to quantify these requirements.

ProQ ensures that you can collect and document data and assumptions throughout the quantification process. It helps program managers continually modify their assumptions and make corresponding changes in procurement and shipment scheduling decisions.

Program success also depends on the ability to locate and coordinate the required funding to ensure uninterrupted and the timely supply of commodities before funds are depleted.

ProQ provides program managers with an analysis of commodity requirements, supply chain capacity, cost estimates, and currently available funding, which enables managers to advocate and mobilize resources for effective HIV test procurement. Over time, this will ensure the required supply of HIV tests and enhance the achievements of HIV/AIDS program goals.

Quantifying HIV Test Requirements

Quantification is the general term used for the process of estimating quantities of specific drugs, laboratory reagents, and consumable medical supplies needed to serve customers in a health program, for a given period. Quantification is accomplished in the following seven steps or stages—

  • Define the program you are quantifying.
  • Collect the data required to complete the remaining steps.
  • Forecast demand and adjust for quality control, wastage, and service capacity.
  • Estimate quantities required.
  • Calculate financial requirements.
  • Reconcile available funding and quantities required.
  • Present findings to decision makers to determine quantities to procure.

Financial Requirements and Budget Reconciliation

After you determine the number of each test kit brand you need to procure, ProQ will help you calculate the financial requirements for those tests and reconcile the findings with your available funding. This helps you—

  • Get a big picture of financial needs and funding situations for HIV tests.
  • Negotiate with funders to ensure adequate funding.
  • Allocate available funding according to program priorities.
  • Adjust the number of tests to procure to ensure testing protocols can be followed in cases of underfunding.
  • Systematically determine financial needs for funding proposals.

How to Obtain ProQ

ProQ and its documentation are free of charge. To order the CD, send a request to—

John Snow, Inc.
1616 Fort Myer Drive, 11th Floor
Arlington, VA 22209 USA
Phone: 703-528-7474
Fax: 703-528-7480

Recommended System Requirements

The following resources are recommended for use with ProQ:

  • CPU Pentium or equivalent
  • Operating system Windows 9x, ME, 200, NT4 (service pack 6 or later)
  • Memory 32 MB
  • Hard drive space 100 MB
  • Video adapter SVGA with 800x600 resolution
  • Minimal computer skills and an understanding of Microsoft® Windows® are all that is needed. You need an Internet browser (i.e., Internet Explorer, Netscape) to view, print, and save ProQ reports. You do not, however, need an Internet connection.

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